Sunday, April 09, 2006


Lucas: But nothing will happen to you, I promise
Peyton: You're always saving me.
Lucas: Somebody's got to.
Peyton: If I say I love you right now, will you hold it against me? Because I've lost a lot of blood. Come here. [they kiss] Just in case you can't keep your promise.

Peyton: Ok, I kissed you, but I - I thought I was going to die and you took care of me so, you know, we..
Lucas: Yah, I know. [pause] If I told you I love you, will you hold it against me?
Peyton: Look, when I said that -
Lucas: Because I do, Peyton. But it's okay. Because there is this other girl, I mean you might know her. Her name is Brooke Davis and I am completely in love with her.
Peyton: You don't know how good it is to hear you say that. Because I thought everything's gonna get weird again and I really don't want to. We're okay right? You and me, we're good?

Brooke: How's the leg?
Peyton: It'll be okay. How's the boy?
Brooke: I will be okay. [pause] I'm sorry, Peyton.
Peyton: Why?
Brooke: Because I shouldn’t have left you there. I thought you were behind me
Peyton: Brooke, don't -
Brooke: No, I should have made sure.
Peyton: Okay, you're my best friend.You want to know what makes me feel better when I was trapped in that library? It was knowing that Brooke is okay, you know. My best friend, she's safe.
Brooke: And I love you for that…but there was something else that made you feel better in the library. My boyfriend. And I guess I cant hold it against him, can I? I mean, the boy I love protected the girl I love. And that's the girl he loves too.
Peyton: Brooke...
Brooke: No, we both know that it's true.
Peyton: Okay, come here. All right. I want you to listen to me. I care about Lucas, and I always will. But he's insanely in love with you. So am I, you're my Brooke. I'm not gonna hurt you again.
Brooke: Okay, 'cause I really don’t wanna hurt again.


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